That Dam Jam – Pineapple Pepper Jam

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Add any or all four of these flavors of That Dam Jam to your pantry! A Pineapple Pepper Jam. From NO heat, the Yellow Sweet Pepper Pineapple Jame to an increase in heat, starting with Jalapeño, which is mild and sweet! Habanero is Sweet with abit ofe heat! And Ghost Pepper is “Dam! That’s Hot!” We do not think the Ghost is that hot, so we think you will love it and the others we carry!


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That Dam Jam is a Pineapple Pepper Jam— from no heat – Sweet Yellow Pineapple Pepper Jam, Jalapeño for a Mild and Sweet. Habanero is Sweet with a little heat, and Ghost Pepper Jam is, “Dam! That’s Hot!” Pair it with our beer cheese, Dutch County Pretzels, or Browning’s County Ham! A unique flavor to add to your next charcuterie board.

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Dimensions6 × 8 × 2 in

Jalapeño, Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Yellow Pepper

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