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David Sponcil
David Sponcil
00:49 03 Jul 20
Been buying Howard’s Creek Beer Cheese for 10 years now. Nothing else comes close to tasting as good. Use it in grits... on vegetables and a multitude of sliders. You won’t be disappointed in this product. They even have a bold flavor more
Babbling Brook
Babbling Brook
13:28 31 Dec 19
Howard's Creek is truly "authentic" in every sense of the word! The beer cheese spread has a kick - so tasty on its... own, and a great companion to pretzels, bread, and oven-baked pita chips!The online ordering process is ridiculously easy, the door-to-door shipping is incredibly quick, Jessie's packaging is phenomenal, the cold packs help keep the beer cheese cold during transport, and the gift presentation is fabulous (see attached image)!I have had the pleasure of being assisted by the owner for a pre-sale inquiry - she is polite, friendly, understanding, extremely attentive to detail, and does her very best to ensure special requests are met - thank you, Kathy!I highly recommend Howard's Creek if you are looking for an authentic Kentucky experience, a unique gift for family, friends, or cheese and wine event, or just to treat yourself!read more
18:09 17 Oct 19
Literally the best cheese/cheese spread I have ever had. Entire family is in love with it. Even shared it with the... coworkers and now people are addicted. The kids snack packs are also super convenient. EVEN the chocolate is insanely good. Love everything about this place!read more
14:33 25 Nov 17
Have ordered this cheese for years and have never been disappointed. I Always use for dips and even just by itself with... pretzels this cheese is delicious. For a tailgate or just to snack on this is my go to snack more
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2022 The Taste of the South - Washington, DC

Since 2014 The Taste of the South in Washington, DC puts Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese on the Kentucky Table again with rave reviews.

image of an award winning ribbonJudges Choice Award for Best Side at Taste of the Bluegrass - 2019

Judges Choice Award at Taste of the Bluegrass in Lexington for Best Side against 36 entries to benefit God's Pantry.

image of an award winning ribbonJungle Jim's Big Cheese Fest, Fairfield, OH - Winner in 2015, 2016, & 2017

Jungle Jims Big Cheese FestivalWith over 1,400 cheeses from all over the world, Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese won 2015, 2016 & 2017 "Best American Original" with 2 of those years "Best in Show." Participating since 2014 with the exception of 2020 - 2022 as covid prevented them from having this incredible event.

image of an award winning ribbonBluegrass Jam Fest, LCA, Lexington, KY - 2016

Bluegrass Jam Fest LCA Lexington KYWith about 500 people in attendance at Bluegrass Jam Fest on April 29, 2016 - Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese is the WON of the Appetizer category, Against OBC Kitchen, Joella's Hot Chicken, Travinia, Newk's, Chili's, and Happy & Healthy Ways.

image of an award winning ribbonThe Wall Street Journal - 2015

Beer Cheese, Soft Pretzel and GuinessKeith Pandolfi editor of Saveur Magazine interview Howard's Creek extensively for the article "Beer Cheese for the Win" the day before Super Bowl. He opens the article with: I DIDN’T EVEN realize I missed beer cheese until about a month ago.

image of an award winning ribbonBeer Cheese Festival, Winchester, KY - 2009 & 2010

winchester ky beer cheese festival2009 Winner out of 35 Commercial Beer Cheese contestants 2nd Place - Judges' Choice and 2010 Winner out of 20 Commercial Beer Cheese contestants 2nd Place - Judges' Choice

image of an award winning ribbonSharon Thompson, Food Writer, Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington, KY

Food Writer"Congratulations on your second place win two years running!"

Kentucky Woman - 2018

I live in Kentucky ! This stuff is THE VERY BEST there is. I understand the recipe is very old and once people taste this one, they don't want anything else. March 4, 2018

Deb Ober, Jenson Beach, FL

Cooking Light"I'm so glad my letter was published. (In the 2010 December Cooking Light magazine) I like to help nice people who are selling good stuff. We took (HC) beer cheese to Thanksgiving dinner at our friends' house yesterday and everybody loved it. I'll be sending in my Christmas orders soon. Thanks again."

Barbara Bailey, WKYT-TV, Lexington, KY

WKYT TV"It's Wonderful!!! You not only know your Beer Cheese, you know your history about it too."

Great to meet you at the Springhurst Liquor Barn in Louisville

I've been buying Howard's Creek ever since 2009. Thanks for keeping up the good work.

Lucky's Market, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri and Florida!

Luckys Market Logo We love your cheese!

Port of Subs - West Coast in CA, NV, ID, WA, OR, UT and AZ - 2012

Port of Subs LogoPort of Subs celebrated their 40th year in business in 2012! Howard's Creek sent 2,400 pounds of cheese to start their year with an LTO sandwich in 148 stores in 7 states out West. Thank you Port of Subs for the opportunity to be on your menu... and congratulations on 40 years.... here's to the next 40!


mr and mrs joe allman"Got the cheese today, and all I have to say is that you have it. You got it perfect, just the way my father made it. Brought back some memories when I took the first bite, and the aroma is right. My wife even went crazy over the cheese."

Tim Laird, CEO, "Chief Entertaining Officer," Brown Foreman, Louisville, KY

Tim Laird"Kathy, What a treat. You definitely have an incredible brand. I loved the spicy/creamy taste that is full of flavor with a nice balance of richness. I’m going to share this with several of our internal folks along with my producer. I love using Howard’s Creek Authentic Beer Cheese in a variety of our recipes."

Mike Powel, President of Port of Subs - 2012

Port of Subs LogoThe best I ever had...We celebrated our 40th Anniversary by putting it on our LTO Chicken Sausage Sub sandwich in 2012 in over 150 of our sandwich shops! Thanks Kathy for making that happen!

Sharon Thompson, Food Writer, Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington, KY

Food Writer"Tell me the story again about when you served the beer cheese at the Lansdowne Club. And when you put it on the market."

Paul Koshgerian, Former President of Traxx Companies, Lexington, KY

"Congratulations! I knew it the first time I tasted it, that is was the real thing from back in the Allman and Hall's days. Brought back some great memories from my college days."

Cassie, Paula Deen Enterprizes

Paula Dean EnterprizesHi Kathy! We did receive the beer cheese this morning, it looks delicious! I did put it straight in the refrigerator as noted. Paula gets in town this afternoon so I am going to make sure it goes over there tomorrow morning. I think we will keep one container here in the office so we can sample, just have to grab some crackers or chips! Thank you so much for sending it.

Suzanne Sadler, Lexington, KY February 2014

I work at Liquor Barn in Chevy Chase and I finally got around to trying this beer cheese! It was awesome even though I accidentally grabbed the spicy! I think I have a new addiction that is not going to be good for my diet but it's too good to stop!

Amy, Washington, DC

"YES - it is awesomely Gooooooooooooooooooood. If my birthday boys don't show up for theirs - I'm going to eat it too. Can't wait to buy my favorite crackers and have some more. You will be getting a multitude of orders from me from here on out. Let me know if you ever offer any discounts - like around Christmas time. That is what I am getting everyone for Christmas. Also, any way we could get a tub to Greece? My aunt lives there and her husband used to work for Borden as a chemist making, guesss what? Yep, cheese."

Alan Cole, FL

"Very Professional Product! Howard's Creek Beer Cheese has a distinctive flavor that let's you know the heritage is in the blend. "Kentucky Pride" is found inside. I put this on the table with my choice of chips and sliced vegetable to compliment a cool one for my friends. Try Howard's Creek, you deserve the experience!"

Mike - Happy New Year 2014

I found your beer cheese at a local liquor store. I really enjoyed the bite! I will buy more! Enjoy your New Year!

TC, Lexington KY

"It is so good to be able to get local delivery in Kentucky with out much of an extra charge, sometimes, none at all. We love it..."

Gretchen, Virginia

"I got your beer cheese, it's delightful, I love it, the only thing that I hate about it is that once you taste it you can't stop eating it, so that could be dangerous.... you produce the best."

Mary P., Shell Traxx Company

"My darlin, If you would tell me how much the bracelets are, my assistant and I would love to come to the festival. My beer cheese sales are really going good here since I did the tasting. I'll do what i can to help make you number 1 honey."

Matt, El Paso, TX

"Got my Beer Cheese Fix !!!! Thanks grew up on Hall's and I have to say your Beer Cheese is Great !! rcvd today about 6 pm your time. I'm not sure (or worried ) If I'll get to share with friends. First container gone !!! I can see why you took first place !!! Hall's, if I remember right, is a close 2nd in taste to me. I would have to do a taste test to compare. You have a very satisfied customer and I will also be a returning customer as your product was a pleasure to buy and taste !!!! your product speaks for itself!"

Matt, Puccini's Smiling Pizza, Lexington, KY

Puccinis Smiling Pizza"I'm matt from puccini's.. the guy that showed up with beth to deliver your food the other night... i just wanted to let you know that this is the best beer cheese i've ever had and i wanted to thank you for being so generous... it's always a pleasure talking to you guys.. im really glad to hear the cheese is starting to take off.. i hope everything works out great for you guys.. thanks again and take care."

Austin... from Lexington

I NEED BEER CHEESE....but only the best in the WORLD...Howard's Creek....I love you!!!

Glenn, St. Louis, MO

I had the great pleasure of tasting your beer cheese at the Winchester, KY Beer Cheese Festival. I also had the pleasure of leaving all my vote tickets in your booth. I do hope you won.

Mae from Lexington, KY

I love the cheese especially in Grits.... Beer Cheese Grits you can only get the best with Weisenburger and Howard's Creek.

Bill, CA

I got the beer cheese today. Can't wait to serve it for Kentucky Oaks Day! (Had to sample some for myself! It was great!)

Ann Royalty Peel

"Great job pretty lady!!! Kick some beer cheese butt cuz I know ya will. Best Beer cheese around folks!!! Love Ya"

Matt, Nicholasville, KY

Matt Nicholasville KYThe best I ever had...goes great with another KY favorite... KY Hot Brown. Make according to directions and top with Howard's Creek.

Love it in my white chili!

White Chili with Howard's Creek Beer CheeseStir it in your white or red chili or any soup for a great flavor.