Howard's Creek - The Authentic "Snappy" Beer Cheese

There's beer cheese in Kentucky, and then there's real beer cheese! Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese is the original "Snappy" Beer Cheese recipe from Joe Allman's 1930s recipe that we have preserved since 1979! Rebranded in 2006, award-winning since 2009, and authenticated by Tim Allman, Joe's son, in 2010! It's our passion to keep this recipe alive! Which inspired us to make our newest flavor, BOLD! A sharper cheddar flavor.

Certified by the REAL Seal Dairy Association, Lab Tested Gluten-Free, Award-Winning, and Kentucky Proud!

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All Cheese has a 4-month best buy date, is shipped frozen, and can be refrozen before or after it's opened. We start with Real sharp cheddar cheeses, just like Joe Allman, to make the "Snappy" artisan beer cheese for that creamy, spicy flavor that tells you the heritage is in the blend. So, go ahead and place that order! We got you!